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Highest Paying Design Jobs in the UK

The field of design offers a wide range of career paths, each with its own unique set of skills and qualifications. For those in the UK seeking a career in design, there are many options to choose from. However, some design jobs pay better than others, and these high-paying positions…

Last 12 Month Design Jobs Summary

There have been 190,375 listed Design Jobs in the UK in the last 12 months.

Job TypeTotal JobsPercentage of Jobs 🔽
Permanent185,57497.48 %
Contract (Inside IR35)2,6241.38 %
Contract (Outside IR35)2,1771.14 %
Contract (IR35 Not Specified)00.00 %

On average, there are 3,661 new Design Jobs posted each week, or 15,865 each month.

Job TypeWeekly JobsMonthly Jobs 🔽

The busiest month for new permanent Design Jobs in the UK is April, whilst the quietest month is November.

The busiest month for new contract Design Jobs is March, and the quietest month is December.

Last 12 Month Permanent UK Design Jobs

Last 12 Month UK Contract Design Jobs

Last 12 Month Total Listed Design Jobs

Month 🔽Listed Jobsvs Prev Monthvs Prev 3 Monthsvs Prev 6 Monthsvs Prev Year
January 20247,125
December 20233,474
November 20231,739
October 20233,567
September 20235,173
August 20232,457
July 20234,679
June 20236,597
May 20235,770
April 20238,697
March 20235,921
February 20237,740

The Highest Paying Design Jobs

Role TitleTotal JobsAverage 🔽
Design Director15£88,625.00
Head of Design8£74,625.00
Creative Director19£57,860.00
Art Director20£55,990.00
Design Author15£54,465.00
Technical Designer323£53,120.00
Creative Manager43£51,650.00
Design Manager2,769£50,430.00
Design Consultant131£44,165.00
Visual Designer26£43,730.00
Assistant Design Manager33£41,625.00
Design Officer16£41,015.00
Training Designer24£38,865.00
Senior Graphic Designer22£38,350.00
3D Designer131£38,130.00
Performing Arts60£37,675.00
Packaging Designer35£37,155.00
Creative Designer109£36,205.00
Art Design45£35,680.00
3D Modeller54£35,235.00
3D Generalist6£35,000.00
Design Leader4£35,000.00
Design Studio Manager10£33,665.00
Design Assistant98£31,475.00
3D Visualiser2£31,250.00
Visual Art2£30,600.00
Graphic Designer970£30,220.00
Creative Assistant3£30,025.00
Design Technology Instructor16£30,000.00
Head Of Creative14£29,530.00
Art Technician14£29,350.00
Creative Artworker25£29,305.00
Events Design20£29,140.00
Fashion Design12£29,030.00
Fashion Designer12£29,030.00
Junior Designer220£26,965.00
Junior Graphic Designer56£23,955.00