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Highest Paying Finance Jobs in the UK

Last 12 Month Finance Jobs Summary

There have been 143,772 listed Finance Jobs in the UK in the last 12 months.

Job TypeTotal JobsPercentage of Jobs 🔽
Permanent139,77597.22 %
Contract (Inside IR35)2,6221.82 %
Contract (Outside IR35)1,3750.96 %
Contract (IR35 Not Specified)00.00 %

On average, there are 2,765 new Finance Jobs posted each week, or 11,981 each month.

Job TypeWeekly JobsMonthly Jobs 🔽

The busiest month for new permanent Finance Jobs in the UK is April, whilst the quietest month is November.

The busiest month for new contract Finance Jobs is March, and the quietest month is December.

Last 12 Month Permanent UK Finance Jobs

Last 12 Month UK Contract Finance Jobs

Last 12 Month Total Listed Finance Jobs

Month 🔽Listed Jobsvs Prev Monthvs Prev 3 Monthsvs Prev 6 Monthsvs Prev Year
January 20245,761
December 20231,597
November 2023967
October 20232,019
September 20232,535
August 20232,077
July 20236,004
June 20236,273
May 20236,474
April 20237,043
March 20235,232
February 20235,811

The Highest Paying Finance Jobs

Role TitleTotal JobsAverage 🔽
Chief Compliance Officer5£100,000.00
Independent Financial Advisor133£86,705.00
Oracle Payroll2£85,000.00
Financial Services Consultant39£83,415.00
Asset Management Officer4£77,450.00
Head of Compliance40£76,615.00
Financial Officer91£76,610.00
Asset Management2,588£71,915.00
Asset Manager2,606£71,850.00
Insurance Manager155£70,360.00
Financial Advisor390£67,615.00
Finance Manager3,326£64,640.00
Commercial Finance Manager114£64,085.00
Commercial Finance325£61,685.00
Senior Finance Manager87£61,250.00
Finance Controller59£60,395.00
Financial Planner294£58,910.00
Development Underwriter30£58,180.00
Risk Manager1,908£58,060.00
Financial Analyst56£57,850.00
Finance Systems Manager16£57,590.00
Financial Reporting Accountant26£57,335.00
Senior Underwriter138£55,535.00
Recoveries Manager13£55,400.00
Financial Planning Manager19£55,315.00
Underwriting Specialist22£55,000.00
Pricing Specialist23£50,840.00
Property Underwriter45£50,570.00
Financial Business Development Manager2£50,000.00
Financial Planning Analyst2£50,000.00
Regulation Specialist2£49,875.00
Compliance Manager1,220£48,600.00
Commercial Finance Analyst6£48,125.00
Risk Consultant121£47,465.00
Commercial Underwriter259£46,860.00
Broker Manager2£45,000.00
Loss Adjuster115£44,440.00
Engagement Manager479£43,765.00
Insurance Account Executive52£42,225.00
Quality Compliance Manager22£42,205.00
Assistant Finance Manager63£38,415.00
Compliance Monitoring Officer49£38,245.00
Permit Officer8£37,585.00
Financial Compliance Officer6£36,585.00
Financial Inclusion Officer4£36,400.00
Underwriting Assistant63£35,870.00
Claims Manager202£35,685.00
Financial Services Officer6£35,575.00
Compliance Executive25£34,785.00
Compliance Officer1,479£34,620.00
Insurance Broker138£34,530.00
Financial Services Professional306£33,190.00
Financial Assistant147£33,090.00
Finance Officer429£32,085.00
Financial Planning Assistant10£31,335.00
Compliance Assistant186£30,665.00
Business Assistant239£30,535.00
Trust Officer47£30,030.00
Compliance Coordinator148£29,970.00
Commercial Claims Handler45£29,780.00
Claims Assessor19£28,865.00
Personal Lines21£28,815.00
Insurance Claims212£28,810.00
Claims Technician85£28,690.00
Senior Claims Handler47£28,565.00
Claims Negotiator4£27,950.00
Finance Clerk56£27,560.00
Insurance Advisor66£27,320.00
Warranty Coordinator2£27,175.00
Financial Planning Support7£27,065.00
Insurance Claims Handler44£26,310.00
Finance Assistant1,279£26,295.00
Warranty Advisor18£26,100.00
Claims Handler1,083£25,095.00
Claims Advisor68£24,845.00
Insurance Claims Advisor2£24,000.00
Collections Advisor121£23,490.00
Claims Administrator50£22,520.00