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Highest Paying Logistics Jobs in the UK

Last 12 Month Logistics Jobs Summary

There have been 154,102 listed Logistics Jobs in the UK in the last 12 months.

Job TypeTotal JobsPercentage of Jobs 🔽
Permanent152,80599.16 %
Contract (Inside IR35)9860.64 %
Contract (Outside IR35)3110.20 %
Contract (IR35 Not Specified)00.00 %

On average, there are 2,964 new Logistics Jobs posted each week, or 12,842 each month.

Job TypeWeekly JobsMonthly Jobs 🔽

The busiest month for new permanent Logistics Jobs in the UK is April, whilst the quietest month is November.

The busiest month for new contract Logistics Jobs is August, and the quietest month is October.

Last 12 Month Permanent UK Logistics Jobs

Last 12 Month UK Contract Logistics Jobs

Last 12 Month Total Listed Logistics Jobs

Month 🔽Listed Jobsvs Prev Monthvs Prev 3 Monthsvs Prev 6 Monthsvs Prev Year
June 20241,867
May 20241,737
April 20246,112
March 20244,969
February 20244,395
January 20244,557
December 20231,998
November 20231,288
October 20231,663
September 20233,922
August 20234,747
July 20234,848

The Highest Paying Logistics Jobs

Role TitleTotal JobsAverage 🔽
Logistics Director2£87,500.00
Associate Transport Planner4£57,750.00
Owner Driver184£50,000.00
Materials Scheduler4£48,750.00
Lorry Driver2£48,350.00
Export Manager27£46,055.00
Logistics Manager144£45,200.00
Transport Operations Manager13£44,375.00
Transport Driver2£41,500.00
Transport Manager282£41,035.00
Depot Manager60£39,310.00
Multidrop Driver2£38,650.00
Tanker Driver8£38,150.00
Class 2 HIAB Driver15£37,835.00
HGV 1 Driver34£37,140.00
Class 1 Driver191£37,100.00
Multi Drop Driver33£37,020.00
ADR Driver7£36,875.00
Recovery Driver20£36,675.00
Class 2 Driver423£36,400.00
Supply Chain Planner21£36,250.00
Skip Driver2£36,000.00
Fleet Manager109£35,985.00
Transport Shift Manager6£35,465.00
Shunter Driver4£35,025.00
Dispatch Operative15£34,525.00
Air Freight Operator6£34,500.00
Traffic Planner6£34,250.00
HGV 2 Driver82£34,180.00
HGV Driver248£34,010.00
Transport Planner264£32,960.00
Transport Supervisor84£32,960.00
Export Clerk99£32,235.00
Class 2 ADR Driver1£32,000.00
PCV Driver2£31,625.00
Train Driver5£31,625.00
Production Planner205£31,545.00
Traffic Coordinator2£31,000.00
Logistics Team Leader6£30,940.00
Distribution Operative6£30,690.00
Materials Planner28£30,685.00
Commercial Coordinator11£30,630.00
Import Coordinator24£30,530.00
Logistics Supervisor13£30,500.00
Class 2 Night Driver3£30,440.00
Materials Technician12£30,430.00
Freight Forwarder251£30,240.00
Reach Truck20£30,200.00
Reach Truck Driver20£30,200.00
Material Assistant2£30,000.00
Import Clerk69£29,765.00
Plant Hire Controller8£29,665.00
Truck Driver24£29,645.00
Transport Assistant10£28,920.00
Sales Order Processing70£28,890.00
Supply Chain Coordinator84£28,270.00
Bus Driver28£28,250.00
Distribution Coordinator1£28,000.00
Customs Clerk17£27,690.00
Depot Operative6£27,510.00
Logistics Assistant45£27,210.00
Export Administrator22£26,595.00
Forklift Driver65£26,575.00
Logistics Administrator129£26,050.00
Sales Progressor35£25,870.00
Shipping Clerk1£25,500.00
Transport Clerk8£25,395.00
Van Driver68£25,380.00
Order Processor97£24,690.00
Service Driver29£24,645.00
Materials Handler8£24,460.00
Drivers Mate6£23,760.00
Traffic Operator9£23,165.00
Delivery Driver165£15,850.00