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Highest Paying Customer Services Jobs in the UK

Last 12 Month Customer Services Jobs Summary

There have been 366,221 listed Customer Services Jobs in the UK in the last 12 months.

Job TypeTotal JobsPercentage of Jobs 🔽
Permanent361,89298.82 %
Contract (Inside IR35)3,2280.88 %
Contract (Outside IR35)1,1010.30 %
Contract (IR35 Not Specified)00.00 %

On average, there are 7,043 new Customer Services Jobs posted each week, or 30,518 each month.

Job TypeWeekly JobsMonthly Jobs 🔽

The busiest month for new permanent Customer Services Jobs in the UK is February, whilst the quietest month is November.

The busiest month for new contract Customer Services Jobs is June, and the quietest month is December.

Last 12 Month Permanent UK Customer Services Jobs

Last 12 Month UK Contract Customer Services Jobs

Last 12 Month Total Listed Customer Services Jobs

Month 🔽Listed Jobsvs Prev Monthvs Prev 3 Monthsvs Prev 6 Monthsvs Prev Year
April 202412,530
March 202412,421
February 202417,057
January 202415,931
December 20234,459
November 20232,863
October 20237,966
September 202314,781
August 202311,950
July 202313,926
June 202315,316
May 202312,473

The Highest Paying Customer Services Jobs

Role TitleTotal JobsAverage 🔽
Data Consultant51£67,820.00
Head of Customer Experience10£66,915.00
Head of Customer Service17£50,225.00
Client Manager1,731£49,875.00
Business Operations Manager26£46,350.00
Customer Success Manager141£44,430.00
Client Relationship Manager245£43,510.00
Customer Service Engineer10£43,250.00
Contact Manager51£42,340.00
Customer Experience Manager69£42,295.00
Relationship Manager1,180£41,865.00
Aftersales Manager160£41,480.00
Contact Centre Manager80£39,430.00
Client Service Manager71£37,280.00
Client Services Manager71£37,280.00
Customer Support Manager25£36,055.00
CRM Executive32£34,780.00
Customer Service Manager955£34,685.00
Complaints Manager64£34,390.00
Client Services1,627£34,110.00
Call Centre Manager16£33,235.00
Account Executive843£32,745.00
Customer Liaison Officer88£30,310.00
Customer Service Team Leader401£30,280.00
Complaints Coordinator7£30,175.00
Aftersales Advisor127£29,915.00
Complaints Officer63£29,855.00
Aftersales Service Advisor104£29,850.00
Customer Service Supervisor73£29,390.00
Client Services Coordinator16£29,275.00
Customer Success Executive65£29,250.00
Client Service Executive77£28,445.00
Client Services Executive77£28,445.00
Membership Advisor10£28,425.00
Technical Advisor54£28,170.00
Account Coordinator176£28,135.00
Customer Distribution Leader2£28,000.00
Customer Experience Executive19£28,000.00
Customer Development Executive27£27,850.00
Customer Service Account Manager8£27,715.00
Call Centre Team Leader2£27,500.00
French Speaking Customer Service92£27,410.00
Client Coordinator55£27,380.00
Contact Centre Consultant4£27,050.00
Complaints Handler160£26,870.00
Customer Technical Support8£26,825.00
Customer Technical Advisor27£26,755.00
Customer Service Coordinator874£26,560.00
Member Services Officer7£26,435.00
Call Centre499£26,375.00
Branch Coordinator8£26,165.00
Call Centre Agent87£26,095.00
Counter Assistant56£25,940.00
Account Advisor45£25,720.00
Client Services Administrator79£25,615.00
Customer Service Officer210£25,500.00
Helpdesk Operator2£25,500.00
Customer Support4,172£25,485.00
Customer Relations Officer15£25,385.00
Customer Service Executive1,562£25,320.00
Customer Sales Support78£25,295.00
Customer Consultant228£25,120.00
Call Centre Customer Service9£25,000.00
Client Support Executive14£24,810.00
Customer Representative1,126£24,775.00
Customer Retentions Advisor6£24,540.00
Customer Experience Consultant4£24,415.00
Customer Support Executive132£24,320.00
Bookings Coordinator71£24,225.00
Customer Support Advisor437£24,225.00
Helpdesk Advisor6£24,190.00
Customer Service Representative2,875£24,015.00
Customer Service Team Member2£23,800.00
Customer Service Administrator1,457£23,590.00
Customer Service Adviser185£23,565.00
Customer Experience Advisor69£23,530.00
Customer Service Professional10£23,475.00
Customer Service Assistant649£23,165.00
Call Centre Advisor29£23,120.00
Contact Centre Advisor188£23,110.00
Customer Service Consultant1,197£23,015.00
Customer Experience Officer2£22,950.00
Contact Centre Agent224£22,855.00
Customer Advisor7,371£22,820.00
Customer Agent694£22,635.00
Customer Service Advisor10,061£22,625.00
Telephone Agent4£22,625.00
Telephone Advisor5£22,450.00
Customer Insurance Advisor4£22,250.00
Customer Service Agent1,663£22,220.00
Customer Service Associate1,005£22,140.00
Client Services Assistant5£22,125.00
Customer Service Specialist7,293£22,090.00
Switchboard Operator11£21,700.00
Customer Service Part Time50£20,265.00